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Frequently Asked Questions by Hotspots

Here is a list of the frequently asked questions that will provide you with most of the information you want to know:

What kind of locations can become an ogWiFi no-fee wireless hotspots?

ofWiFi is interested in talking to businesses and groups, galleries, cafes, community centres, libraries, restaurants, malls, social housing projects, coops, etc. We would also like to work with people who want wireless connectivity in their local parks and/or other public spaces.

Who to contact to offer free wireless Internet access to my venue’s visitors/customers/users:


How much does it cost? and What do I get?

To have a hotspot on the ogWiFi network costs $50/year. This membership fee includes 24/7 monitoring of the hotspot status, technical support for your visitors/customers, a listing on our hotspot list (web and print), and stickers/flyers indicating that your venue is an ogWiFi hotspot.

The wireless router which powers the network (Linksys WRT54G) costs about $80. One router is normally enough to cover small-to-medium-sized spaces. We can direct you to locations to purchase the router. If any additional wiring is required, ogWiFi can install it for the cost of the materials.

You will also need high-speed Internet access; if you don’t currently have it, we can recommend a wireless-friendly ISPs and help you set up the connection. ogWiFi isn’t an Internet Service Provider (ISP); we just help you to share your Internet connection with the community. You are responsible for making sure you’re compliant with your ISP’s terms of use.

What if I can’t afford all that?

If you’re a public venue (meaning that everyone’s welcome, and loitering is allowed), lets work together to find a sponsor to cover the costs.

What if something goes wrong?

If someone has trouble connecting to the ogWiFi network, they can contact us by email or phone our contact info is on the sticker of the venue’s router. Venue staff don’t need to provide technical support.

If there’s a problem with the hotspot, we’ll have someone check it as soon as possible. As a volunteer group, we can’t make any guarantees about how long it’ll take, but typically it’s no more than a 48 hours. ou

Who are ogWiFi wireless service users?

Today many people are using laptops: writers, musicians, students, professors, private consultants, artists, etc. Working on a laptop or reading a web page on a screen is analogous to a customer reading a paper while having lunch or a drink. If you’re concerned about the appropriateness of free wireless Internet access in your venue, talk to us, we’ll be honest:

Can I run ads on my hotspot’s community page?

We do not run adds other than events that may be occuring at your venue, or content directly related to what you do. Your logo, location, contact information and a place on a map for your venue are included. If you’d like to do some customization of your hotspot’s community page or update it let us know and we’ll work with you to find a solution. Look at some of the hotspots here and read the detailed ogWiFi Hotspot Agreement Document.

Hotspot Agreement Contract

Read the full hotspot agreement documents for details. We are thankful to the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) for helping us develop this agreement and also Ile Sans Fil in Montreal and Wireless Toronto.