HowTo / Overview

The ogWifi model is composed of 3 groups of people.

1) Hotspot OwnersThe Hotspot Owner is typically a business owner or civic minded citizen with a high speed internet connection who pays the nominal costs associated with setting up and maintaining the ogWifi Wireless Hotspot. The actual setup and maintenance work is done by ogWifi Volunteers. It is not the responsibility of the Hotspot Owner to help Hotspot Users with any questions or issues concerning the Hotspot. The Hotspot Owner has an existing hi speed internet connection which is shared with the Hotspot Users’ laptop over a wireless connection.

2) Hotspot UsersA Hotspot User has free wireless access to the internet using any ogWifi Hotspot. The Hotspot User typically travels to the Hotspot Owner’s location (cafe, pub, bookstore, etc) with his/her laptop to partake of the services that the Hotspot Owner offers (food, drinks, books, etc) and access the internet through the Hotspot. Anybody can become a Hotspot User by going to any ogWifi Hotspot and using your web browser to browse to any website. Your first web access will be intercepted and you will have an opportunity to create your ogWifi User account at this time which you can use at any ogWifi Hotspot.

3) ogWifi VolunteersThe unpaid Volunteers for ogWifi are responsible for all operations for the ogWifi organization. This includes setting up and maintaining the ogWifi Wireless Hotspots for the Hotspot Owners, answering any questions, putting up signage at the Hotspot Owners location, and anything else required. Not all Volunteers have a technical background and responsibilities tend to mesh with the Volunteers strengths.