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You can also join our to learn about what is happening and participate in the group.

SSL activated for User Login
Users of ogWifi might experience a different behaviour when logging in to ogWifi. This is because a more secure protocol (SSL) was enabled during the authentication process.

As a result, the first time a user attempts to log in under this new protocol, the browser will display the certificate. Users should accept this certificate permanently and the dialog box will never be shown again.

This new protocol protects user credentials from being hijacked in an open environment.

If you encounter any issue, please post your problem on ogwifi mailing list.

ogWiFi board members had an adhoc meeting at Fil’s diner May 16.

Parkdale Park was wireless for Mother’s day and the Day before – May 12 & 13 courtesy of Cube Gallery. The OgWiFi gang got it all set up. Their work was discussed in the list.

Meeting at Où…Quoi?, 48, Laval, Gatineau, QC on Sunday March 18 at 7:30 PM. See the agenda and add to it if you like!

Montreal Wireless Workshop led by Ile Sans Fils and participation of Zap Quebec, March 24 and 25. Watch the list on for details! Follow the trail

March 5, 2007, Tracey appears on CBC Radio Ottawa Morning show, have a listen to the mp3 of the interview.

Check out the ogWiFi’s audio appearance on the Creative Neighbourhoods Podcast.

Feb. 24, 2006 – ogWiFi joined Creative Neighbourhoods at the Neighbourhood Planning Open House as part of Wellington Street Community Design Plan. See Serendipityoucity for more details.

ogWiFi on Creative Neighbourhoods Community wireless comes to the main street

Saturday Feb. 24, 2007 we will have an ogWiFi Table at the Hintonburg Community Centre with Creative Neighbourhoods.

A new Antenna working group is forming and they have some fabulous ideas! Stay tuned for more information.

ogWiFi will be part of the 100 Year Anniversary of Wellington Street Activities organized by Creative Neighbourhoods.

January 30th, 2007 – Talk at the Linux-Gatineau User Group.

We have a new hotspot – Où…Quoi? 48, Laval Gatineau, Québec (sector old Hull) see the ogWiFi Hotspot map

The OG WiFi logo appears in this document from the Community Wireless Infrastructure Research Project. This presentation took place at the Ottawa Public library on Oct 19,2006 for the event of Alternative Telecommunications Policy Forum

On Saturday, September 9th, we were at The Engine Room for some display of who we are. And we were ready! After a lot of work was done by Alexandre and Emil, they had the authentication server up and running! So, we had our first hotspot for experimentation at 430, Parkdale Avenue.

Also a big thanks to the Ottawa Linux Group for providing for free a virtual server to host our authentication server.

The Engine Room is a new art gallery and Tracey is now negociating to have it set-up as a permanent hotspot (and it is looking good)!

Also, at the same time, Alexandre had all the necessary installations done on the router for Le Petit Chicago at 50, du Portage in Gatineau (sector old Hull) and Monday evening he was on the spot to transform the place into our first official and permanent hotspot! (applause!)

We are still struggling with the legal documents, but we should get it straight soon.

August 1st, 2006 – Talk at the Ottawa Canada Linux User Group.

May 14th, 2006 – Talk at the Open-Source Weekend